World Health Day is celebrated every year on the founding day of the World Health Organization (WHO) which is established on 7 April 1948. This event has a theme each year to draw attention to a current world health issue. World Health Day Theme 2019: everyone, everywhere.

The WHO is focusing this year’s World Health Day 2019, on Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.

Let’s talk about Healthy Diet:-

Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.

A healthy diet is one that includes a heavy percentage of fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, and whole grains. In addition, a portion of lean meats, fishpoultry, nuts, eggs, and beans is also beneficial. Furthermore, your diet should be low in cholesterol, saturated fats, salt, and sugars.

Try to control your food intake in such a way that you are in line with the number of calories you need for a day. Eat healthy food for stronger bone.

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When cooking at home, always opt for broiling, boiling, baking or microwave rather than frying your foods. When using dairy products, make sure they are fat-free. Same goes with mayonnaise and salad dressings.

Instead of adding sour cream or butter on baked potatoes, salsa is a healthier option. It is advisable to avoid eating the skin from chicken and other poultry. Before re-heating your soups and curries, skim off the layer of fat from the top and then heat it.

In addition, here are a few healthy ways of cutting down on your sugars. Choose to have fruit instead of ice cream, puddings, or any other dessert. When eating canned fruits, avoid those that are canned in syrup, and select fruits that are canned in their own juice.

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When making a dish according to another recipe, reduce the portions of sugar from quarter to one third.

For example:

If a recipe requires one cup of sugar, use only two-thirds of a cup of sugar. When reducing sugar, the flavor may also be reduced. To compensate for that, use cinnamon, vanilla or nutmeg.

You may get hungry at odd times during the day. Avoid eating chocolates and other junk foods. Toss a few slices of apples, bananas, berries or whole grain cereal on some low-fat yogurt and eat it as a salad.

Another option is to put a slice of fat-free cheese on whole grain crackers or you could even toast a whole grain tortilla with low-fat cheese, peppers, and mushrooms to make a small quesadilla. Furthermore, some fat-free popcorn or some fat-free chocolate milk blended with some fruits are also a healthier snack option.

When dining out, always select items that are sugar-free and fat-free. Or you could request for a low-sugar or low-fat substitute to be used in your order. Once again, opt for boiled or baked foods rather than fried food.

When ordering a salad, ask for the dressing to be served on the side. Make sure you do not use all the salad dressing as that would be an overdose of fat intake for your meal. Choose foods that do not have butter, gravy or any kinds of sauces.

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If you want a meal that does have any of those, request for the gravy or sauce to be eliminated from the dish or served separately. When selecting a juice, avoid sugar and aerated water. Finally, ask for low-fat milk instead of cream for your tea or coffee.

Previous Year theme was Diabetes.

The WHO estimates about 350 million people in the world have diabetes, with the disease the direct cause of some 1.5 million deaths.

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Diabetes is a serious, chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. There are two major types of diabetes:

TYPE 1 DIABETES which is the most frequent among children and adolescents.

TYPE 2 DIABETES which is the most frequent among adults and it is linked to obesity or overweight, lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.

Obesity and overweight are the main risk factors for type 2 diabetes, which affects 90 to 95% of people with diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle based on healthy nutrition and regular physical activity can prevent many cases of type 2 diabetes.

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For people who already have diabetes, it is important to maintain an appropriate blood glucose level in order to prevent or delay diabetes chronic complications, such as blindness, neuropathy, kidney disease or peripheral vascular insufficiency.


People who are obese are more than 20% over their ideal body weight for their height are at particularly high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and its related medical problems.

There is no cure for diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can, however, be controlled with weight management, nutrition, and regular exercise.

Symbols in Your Everyday Life:

You should know A symbol is a concept that represents, suggests another idea and stands for, visual image, action, belief. Symbols take the form of words, sounds, gestures, ideas or visual images and are used to convey other ideas and beliefs. There are some symbols, you must know about it. World Health Day Theme 2019: everyone, everywhere.

AGMARK SYMBOL: It is a certification mark employed on agricultural products in India, assuring that they conform to a set of standards. The present AGMARK standards cover quality guidelines for 213 different commodities such as the variety of Pulses, Cereals, Essential Oils, vegetable oils, Fruits & Vegetables, and semi-processed products.

VEGE AND NON-VEG: Packaged food products sold in India are required to be labeled with a mandatory mark in order to be distinguished between vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The green dot symbol identifies vegetarian food, and the brown dot symbol identifies non-vegetarian food.

ISI MARK: It is a certification mark for industrial products in India. The mark certifies that a product conforms to the Indian Standard, mentioned as IS:xxxx on top of the mark, developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

What is the ISI mark all about? Click here for more about ISI Mark.

“CE” Mark: The mark “CE” is present in all electronic equipment’s, it indicates that the manufacturer has tested the equipment and it is safe, it does not interfere with other electronic devices and not affected by interference from other electronic devices. The symbol “CE” originated as an abbreviation of Conformité Européenne, meaning.

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