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The correct IUPAC name of the compound is

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Which of the following molecule having molecular formula C4H6O2 will be optically active?

The Systematic name of (CH3)2CH – COOH is

An organic compound contains about 52% C. which one of the following is could be?

The IUPAC name of the compound

CH2 = CH – CH(CH3)2 is

The bonds between carbon atom (1) and carbon atom (2) in the compound
1       2       3
NC-CH=CH2 involves the hybrids as
Number of isomers which can be obtained theoretically on monochlorination of 2-methylbutane is-
The compound is which carbon uses only its sp3 hybrid orbitals for bond formations is-
Which of the following is not a nucleophile?

  • A molecule is said to be chiral if it