Organic Chemistry, The branch of chemistry that deals with the study of compounds containing carbon and hydrogen and their derivatives. In Organic chemistry, we study structure, properties, composition, chemical reactions, and methods of preparation of carbon-containing compounds. for example ethanol, urea etc.
There are 90% of organic compounds among all known compounds in the earth. The unique properties of carbon for making a covalent bond with other elements.

Life cannot imagine without organic compounds eg. Petroleum products, polymers, medicines, fabrics, foods, explosive household’s items, insecticides, paint, equipment are composed of organic compounds.
There are various category inorganic compounds can be categories.

Aliphatic compounds: This includes saturated and unsaturated compounds like given below

alkanes (kinds of paraffin): Contain carbon-carbon single bonds
alkenes (olefins): Contain carbon-carbon double bonds. for example, you can check Lewis structures.
alkynes (acetylenes): Contain carbon-carbon triple bonds
Aromatic compounds: They contain a conjugated pi-electron system. They mainly contain cyclic compounds eg. benzene and their derivatives.

Heterocyclic compounds: They are cyclic, Cyclic which contains heteroatoms, they are the part of the ring system.
Biomolecules: They contain biologically derived molecules eg. DNA, RNA, CARBOHYDRATES, PROTEINS etc.

Therefore here is we define the organic chemistry.