Natural sciences disappear in India, The danger is aggravated more and more year by year, natural sciences are eliminated in India. As a chemist, I will talk about the problems of chemistry, but I am convinced that the same natural science is at the same risk.

Natural sciences disappear in India

what are the Reasons:-

The reason for the lack of love and interest in natural science in India is the absence of this offer. As we know, there is no offer, there is no demand.

The chemical giant of the former USSR, India, and most of the Countries in South Asia today loses its chemical potential. There are no areas where professionals, chemists can find work. No chemical giant Nairit does not work, and other chemical enterprises do not work.

However, there are other reasons for this. Schools do not pay proper attention to chemistry subjects. Chemistry teachers teach textbook chemistry, and today’s chemistry textbooks are far from chemistry. Teachers do not try to leave a little bit of textbook material, do not try to learn this subject with beautiful and interesting chemical experiments.

Certainly not to sin against justice and not to say that most of the schools do not have chemical laboratories, or they are in good and incomplete conditions, and I cannot. In some schools, chemistry is taught either by biology or physics teachers. And as a result of this, besides the pupils, that interest in chemistry disappears, there is also a great deal of antipathy.

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Also, the lack of interest in natural sciences is the weakness of the Armenian nation’s “fashion”.

Today, professions of economics, international relations, law, and journalism are extremely stylish. And, of course, these professions are very topical in terms of demand and demand (of course, the whole nation is becoming an economist or diplomat, or a journalist will be able to find a job.

And all this leads to the fact that chemistry and other natural sciences disappear from India, and consequently, the corresponding specialists also disappear.

The result is that I think you are all clear, because of the lack of specialists in every type of production. Or we will have to invite relevant professionals from abroad and pay double or triple.

Do not go out of this. And I do not know what will be the end of all this. However, I find that this issue is very urgent and our authorities should find an urgent solution to this issue.


Being enthusiastic and optimistic, I still do not lose hope. That is why we created this blog. I have created hope that my little and modest smile can help to revive chemistry in India. I hope that chemistry can be flourishing in our country, though it is sounded today as a fantasy genre.

And decide whether or not your concerns are appropriate.

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