The purpose of this article will be to introduce you to one of the most intriguing nutritional products for the Patient. We are not talking about a cancer cure or even a treatment.

However, a nutrient that has tremendous benefits for anyone, especially for cancer patients undergoing conventional treatments.

Chemotherapy Use to Treat Cancer?

There are many things natural and nutritional that one can and probably should do when fighting cancer. I’m talking about foods, vitamins, herbs and other nutritional products you can consume.


Improving your nutrition can help your own natural defenses. Your goal is to enhance and improve how your body functions and how your body’s immune system attacks cancer cells.

We’ll be talking about one product that has been shown to improve cancer outcomes when used with conventional treatments.

Conventional treatments include a very toxic treatment called chemotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs kill healthy cells as well as cancer cells. The side effects of chemotherapy can be devastating.

If the drugs worked without causing the side effects, then we would all be happy. However, chemotherapy drugs don’t work perfectly.

Cancer Studies

Avė is a patented wheat germ extract developed in Hungary by Dr. Mate Hidvegi. Since 1996 there have been over 100 clinical studies conducted in the U.S., Hungary, Russia, Australia, Israel, and Italy.

This research is validated by more than 20 peer-reviewed medical publications. Many of these are major oncology journals from around the world.

Studies have shown that when Avė is used as an adjunct to conventional treatment, it enhances the effects of chemotherapy. Avė is particularly effective at reducing the recurrence of cancer.

Studies have shown that Avė also reduces the energy supplies of cancer, speeds cancer cell death and helps the immune system recognize cancer cells for the attack. What does all this mean?

Cancer’s Energy

Glucose is the fuel for cancer cells. Cancer cells may use glucose at a rate that can be 50 times higher than normal cells. But cancer cells use a different mechanism to use that glucose than normal cells. It is this differentiation that allows Avė to exert its effects. Avė slows down cancer cellular metabolism.

Cancers that have the highest rate of glucose metabolism have the greatest chance of metastasis. Avė shows the greatest effect on those cancer cells with the highest rate of glucose utilization.

Slow down glucose utilization and you make cancer cells sluggish. This makes cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy drugs as well as your own body’s immune defenses.

Death Cell

Cancer cells reproduce rapidly resulting in DNA damage. The cancer cells must repair this damage in order to replicate. Avė has been shown to speed up cancer cell death by limiting the enzyme that the cancer cells need and enhancing enzymes that trigger cancer cell death. At the same time, it helps restore normal healthy cellular metabolism.

Expose Cancer Cells

One of the ways that cancer cells survive in the body is by chemical cloaking. The cells produce a chemical that makes them appear like a normal cell. Avė has been shown to disrupt this ability in the cancer cells. This allows the NK (Natural Killer) cells to identify cancer cells for the attack.

Enhance Immune Function

Avė has been shown to be a potent immune system modulator. Avė promotes balance between your Th-1 and Th-2 immune cells. It enhances the immune response of macrophages, B-cells and T-cells. Avė improves the ability of T-cells to respond to antigens and the ability of the B-cells to produce antibodies.


It is the studies with Avė that are most impressive. As a result of these many studies, Avė is used as a nutritional food adjunct therapy in many hospitals around the world. Let’s look at some of these studies.

What to know about cancer:-


In one controlled study of subjects with primary colorectal cancer, subjects had either surgery and standard care with chemotherapy or the same with the addition of Avė. The Avė group showed a 67 percent reduction in metastasis and a 62 percent reduction in deaths. Only 3 percent of the Avė group had recurrence vs. more than 17 percent in the chemo the only group.

In a randomized study, melanoma patients with a high risk of recurrence showed a 50 percent reduction in the risk of progression.


In one study of patients with oral cancer, the Avė patients showed an 85 percent reduction of overall progression. Less than 5% of the Avė patients experienced recurrences as opposed to 57% of the standard group.

One of the most dramatic benefits of Avė is in children with cancer. Most forms of pediatric cancer have high success rates when the child can complete treatment. One of the problems with children and chemotherapy is the high rate of secondary infections.

Infection often sets in because chemotherapy kills high numbers of the child’s infection-fighting white blood cells and destroys many of the bone marrow cells that produce them.

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A recent study in the journal Pediatric Hematology-Oncology showed that such infections and the fevers that accompany them were reduced by 42 percent in the children given Avė after chemotherapy, compared to those not getting Avė. The children in the study were able to complete their chemotherapy increasing the chance of a cure.

It has been shown that women taking Tamoxifen and Avė together had better outcomes than women taking only Tamoxifen or those taking only Avė. In all these studies the only difference in the treatment protocols is the addition of Avė to the standard treatment.

Some of the other benefits observed are that cancer patients are able to maintain food consumption and keep up their nutrient intake. This helps cancer patients keep up their appetite and weight.


Avė comes as a powder in a single serving packet. You simply take 1 packet a day mixed with water and taken on an empty stomach. It has a slightly sweet orange flavor. Most people report positive effects within three weeks. Improvements included appetite, energy, and general quality.

Avė is not a short-term treatment. It will take three months before you will see changes in your benchmarks such as blood test, CAT scans, and MRIs.

The most common side effect is a queasy stomach during the first few days. This side effect usually only lasted a few days. No other digestive issues were reported such as vomiting or diarrhea.


It the thirty-five years I have been researching the relationship between nutrition and cancer, I have never seen a product that has this many broad ranging effects. Avė isn’t the only product you should consider if you have cancer but it is certainly now at the top of my list.

Most people who have cancer are going to use conventional medical treatments. Avė enhances these treatments, reduces side effects, reduces recurrence, and helps you do better. The science behind Avė is impressive. If you’re facing chemotherapy you should consider Avė.

More Information

If you would like more information you can visit the Family Nutrition Center and also receive a free sample of Avė. Copies of the clinical studies are also available which may also be useful for your oncologist. You can find more detailed information on the website. You can also listen to a radio interview at our new beta test site for Health Quest Radio 

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