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Exciting and entertaining chemical tricks

Sulfur hexafluoride light trick:-

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is colourless, non-toxic, non-toxic and non-flammable. Its density is 5 times greater than the air density. And that’s exactly why it is possible to fill the container and open the mouth of the container. And light objects can ride on the gas as it slips over the water.

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Another interesting trick can be used with this gas. When a person breathes, his voice sharply decreases and the opposite effect of helium is obtained. It is absolutely harmless. There is another page which is most famous about their science tricks Science Alert and Science Daily.

Magic with silver:-

In the IV century, Alexander the Macedonian troops entered India. An epidemic of gastrointestinal illness spread to the lake on the shores of the lake, which, no matter how strange it is, did not deprive it of any power. It turned out that ordinary soldiers used tin plates and cups, and their commanders were silver.

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At that time, they also remembered that during the campaigns the King of the Great King. King II ordered to keep drinking water in silver vessels. Later Roman legions started wearing silver armour.


Silver has antibacterial properties. It is de-sterilized water, which also contributes to the rapid improvement of the wounds, without distortion.

However, it should also be taken into account that the high concentrations of silver have a toxic effect on the body.

“Golden Rain” – An Interesting Chemical Experience:-

I want to introduce you an interesting chemical experiment that results in lead ionite crystals. The reaction was named “Golden Rain“, “The Golden Hurricane” and “The Golden Autumn“.

There are plenty of substances whose solubility is heavily dependent on temperature. This experience is based on this experience.

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To perform the experiment, weigh the lead (II) acetate (potassium nitrate) and potassium iodide equal quantities. I would recommend 0.5g each.

Then, prepare the solutions of these salts. 50 ml of distilled water is poured into two chemical glasses. Add 1 ml vinegar (or 0.2 ml of concentrated acetic acid) into one and dissolve lead acid. The acid is added to prevent the hydrogenation of Pb 2+ ions. In the next bowl, potassium iodide is soluble, KI.

Then fill two solutions in 150 ml flasks. During this period, the exchange reaction takes place between lead oxalate and potassium iodide.

Pb (CH 3 COO)2  + 2KI => 2KCH 3 COO + PbI 2

After mixing, a yellow precipitate of iodide (II) emerges. Leave the mixture of collagen solutions in place for some time, so that the seal is completely seated. Then carefully removes the liquid and adds 100 ml of distilled water to the place. The solution should then be heated up to boil and leave to boil until the sediment is completely dissolved.

If everything is done correctly, after the solution has cooled down, many golden crystals will emerge, which will begin to fly in the solution with the collapse of the cola. The crystal size is strongly linked to the freezing speed.

The slower freeze, the more crystals will get bigger and more beautiful. For greater stability, boiling water adds a small amount of glycerol (0.5 ml to 100 ml of solution) before boiling.

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Exciting and entertaining chemical tricks

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