The Chemistry Page was established to provide an invaluable opportunity for those students who aspire for a distinguished career in the field of chemical sciences.

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The batches at Chemistry Page are designed according to the convenience of regular students as well as working professionals. The regular topic-wise tests and at the end mock exams based on the new pattern will be carried out. It is our faithful attempts which enable students to transform their aspirations into their achievements.

Chemistry page is an educational video tutorial channel which contains lectures about organic chemistry. Organic chemistry lectures are based on CBSE XI and XII syllabus. It also includes problems discussion related to NEET and JEE preparation. The aim of this channel to provide easy methods to learn organic chemistry, and remove the fare of organic chemistry from students.

This website is an educational chemistry tutorial which contains material related to chemistry. The chemistry material belongs to 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus. We provide video lectures based on the chemistry subject. The video lectures are truly based on 11th and 12th NCERT board and competitive examination like NEET.

Our aim is to provide the best at the affordable cost for the students belonging to a diverse social, economic and professional background.