Every year an ordinary person is exposed to 620 billion radiation on average. Radioactive receives the radiation dose from both natural and technical sources. The direct half of the annual radiation dose is the natural background radiation that exists in the environment. Most of it is Radon (Rn), which is gas, also contained in the air, has no taste and smell. And the smallest part is the cosmic rays and the earth itself.  Radioactive Materials are may cause harm but some benefits which are given below.

The other half of the human radiation expands to technogenic sources, such as medical, commercial, industrial radiation.

However, 620 billion radiation a year is not harmful to human beings.

So what’s the amount of annual radiation in our surroundings?

Food food:- 

All plant and animal organisms contain trace amounts of radioactive potassium 40 (K 40 ) and Radium 226 (Ra 226 ). In addition, water contains soluble radioactive uranium (U) and thorium (Th). but their quantities are too small, and therefore, the person receives only 30 milligrams of food and water.

The Sun:-

At a time when the Earth’s atmosphere protects space and sun-radiating rays, however, some of them penetrate through the atmosphere. The amount of radiation is determined from the human habitat, as the atmospheric conditions and the magnetic field are caused by the radiation dose.  5 Radioactive Materials in Daily used

For example, if the city is above the sea level, it means that the air in it is “thinner” and therefore ultraviolet rays can easily cross through a thin barrier, meaning that the radiation dose will be greater.

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Air travel:-

It is at high altitudes caused by human exposure during flight. The degree of radiation is due to the height at which the airplane flies and also from the activation of the sun. During normal flight, a person gets 2-5 billion. In addition, every time a person goes through a security scan at the airport, he gets 0.002 billion.

mobile phones:-

The danger of exposure to cellular phones is a very stable but scientifically proven disaster for several years. For example, in the United States, and more specifically in San Francisco in June last year, a law was passed that all cell phones should indicate the radiation level.

Mobile phones, radio towers, and Wi-Fi networks also expose radio frequencies that are absorbed by the human body.

Medical X-Ray Radiation:-

X-ray, mammography, and computed tomography increase the amount of radiation obtained by other technogenic means. For example, the chest x-ray is 10 billion. Computer scanning of the entire body is at least 1000 milliard, dental x-ray – 1.5 milliards, and the hand or foot x-ray – 0.5 milligrams.

Extra Topic:- Chemical engraving on glass

On the glass you can easily create beautiful pictures and why not art masterpieces. We present you a chemical method by which you can get those images. 5 Radioactive Materials in Daily used

Drain the smooth glass and place it on the paper. Take 4 tablespoons of sodium fluoride, NaF and a “hill” on smooth glass. Also, place the same amount of lipid acid in it, H2C2O4. Mix these two ingredients in the same way so as to make the shaving mass (add a few drops of water if necessary). Leave about 2-3 glasses (preferably in a well-ventilated place). At 2-3 hours the glasses on the glass where the interactions are formed are matte parts that cannot be cleaned or washed out at all.

How does this happen?

The point is that the lighter acidic acid is stronger than the reaction with sodium fluoride, which causes a weaker fluorine hydrogen sulfide.

2NaF + 2H 2 C 2 O 4  = 2HF + 2NaHC 2 O 4

And fluorine hydrogen in its turn reacts with silicon oxide, which is present in the glass, causing the fluoride of the silica fluid.

4HF + SiO 2  = SiF 4 + 2H 2 O

The glass is gradually decaying and becomes dull.

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Electrolysis in the home

Pour into a test tube 0.5 cm of copper sulfate, CuS0 4 * 5H 2 0 and solve it in 10 ml of water. Fill the solution into Petri Cup. Use crosstab clippers to insert graphite bars on each battery pole.

Dip the rods in a solution filled with Petri’s cup. Very quickly (about 1-2 minutes) a red charged copper on a polarized (called cathode) negative pole.

The reaction proceeds with the following equation:

2CuSO 4  + 2H 2  = 2Cu + 2H 2 SO 4  + O 2

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